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Air-Ace Safety Respirator - Protecting People

Safety respirator to protect you against dust!

The Air-Ace safety respirator is a different dust mask!


It has been uniquely designed with focus on your comfort as well as your safety and can be used in all kinds of dusty work situations.

The Air-Ace safety respirator is a dust mask with a number of distinct differences:

  • The transparent front ensures correct change of filter.
  • The Air-Ace is fitted with a neat, adjustable head strap for easy use.
  • The large “ear-to-ear” filter surface ensures minimum breathing resistance and maximum breathing ability.
  • Mouthpiece and head straps can be replaced as spare parts.
  • The air channels in the frame of the mask ensure a completely homogeneous spread of particles.
  • Mask and filters are stored in a solid and dust-proof plastic box.
Air-Ace in Petrol Blue

The Air-Ace safety respirator is so user friendly, you will actually want to wear the dust mask - every time!

A lot of people think of dust masks as something rather unpleasant and uncomfortable to wear and therefore don’t bother.

Before you choose the type of safety respirator to protect you and to ensure that your lungs breathe clean air for many years to come you should make sure that the following four important factors have been met.


Compare your current safety respirator with these details on the Air-Ace and see why we feel Air-Ace should be your choice.